How to Wash Curtains Properly – Tips and Tricks

Caring for curtains and tulle is a rather time-consuming process. It causes unpleasant emotions for almost every housewife. To make it easier, you need to know how to wash curtains and tulle correctly.

Curtains and tulle are usually made of thin fabrics. You can wash them in the machine only using certain modes: delicate, hand wash, or silk.

Such materials also do not tolerate too high or low temperatures. It is best to wash them at 30-40 degrees. Set the timer to the minimum possible time, because curtains and tulle most often just need to get rid of dust and freshen up, and not wash as things.

One of the problems is that fabrics can turn yellow when exposed to the sun or smoke, as well as burn out and lose their colors because of this.

In this regard, it is recommended to wash them with linen conditioner for white or colored.

In turn, the care of curtains in the kitchen has their own peculiarities, because they are capable of collecting on themselves not only dust but also grease. To ensure that the fabric retains its white color despite the aggressive environment, it is worth adding a little salt during washing.

If your curtains or tulle have trimmings (ribbons, beads, etc.) they should also be washed separately.

To keep your tulle and curtains fresher for longer, there’s a trick. When the fabric is already on the ledge, you should spray it with hairspray. It will not only help smooth out the material but also create a thin film that will help protect it from dust and reduce the frequency of washing.

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