Scandi Sense Diet: The Easiest Weight Loss Method Ever?

Is this the easiest diet ever? To lose weight, you don’t have to count calories. Here’s how the Scandi Sense diet, developed by a Danish woman, works.
The Scandi Sense diet is so uncomplicated that more and more Danes are now following it. Lose weight and stay slim without counting calories – that’s how it works!

Denmark loves the Scandi Sense diet

Danish Suzy Wengel, CEO of a biotech company, was struggling with weight problems herself when she went looking for a permanently successful diet. The 39-year-old mother of five weighed 100 kg.

Complicated weight-loss strategies didn’t fit into her hectic daily routine, so Suzy Wengel developed her own diet, which didn’t focus on calories, or on giving up certain food combinations.

All you need to put the meals together is your own hands!

This is how simple the Scandi Sense diet is.

In her book ‘Slim with the Handful Principle’, Dane describes the implementation and benefits of her Scandi Sense diet. She tells her own story and backs it up with photos that are not always flattering. In the end, however, the 100kg is a thing of the past!

Suzy Wengel’s diet requires nothing more than an adjustment of habits because her hot tip for losing weight is simply measuring out the ingredients with your own hands: a handful of protein, a handful of carbohydrates, and two handfuls of vegetables.

Why the handful principle works

Within ten months, Suzy Wengel lost around 40kg and is now one of the leanest in her country, whereas before she struggled with fatigue, allergies, and excess pounds.

Although it sounds so simple, it took Suzy a while to figure out her principle. During her second pregnancy, she began researching and then trained as a nutritionist. Armed with the expertise, she honed her diet.

The secret to the success of her handful principle is the balance of the various nutrient groups. You don’t do without anything, but you don’t eat too many carbohydrates, for example, nor do you cut them out of your diet. This means that no food group is neglected.

The author also suggests suitable recipes based on this basic rule. In fact, the handful principle can be applied to pretty much any dish that you already cook on a regular basis – but you may need to add more vegetable side dishes, for example.

Three meals a day according to its rules provide about 1500 to 1650 calories. The handful principle is a way of eating that has proven itself over the long term and allows for a permanently healthy diet. Suzy Wengel has already convinced her Danish compatriots and Scandinavian neighbors with this – many follow this simple dietary rule of thumb.

Now that the book has been translated into other languages and has already appeared in German, her handful principal is sure to win many more fans around the world.

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Written by Bella Adams

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