Scientists and Nutritionists Told What Foods Should Not Be Washed Before Cooking

Doctors assure that to clean fruits and vegetables there is no need to use additional means, particularly soap or gel, but the eggs are just better to wash with a special solution.

Many of us are used to washing foods with cold or warm water before using them. But, as it turns out, this is not quite right.

Scientists and nutritionists say that the better to wash fruits and vegetables, the more likely to avoid intestinal diseases. But some other foods don’t need to be thoroughly cleaned.

We suggest you learn more about what foods should not be washed before cooking.

You Can’t Wash Meat Before Cooking

Meat, particularly chicken, does not need to be washed before cooking. What happens if you don’t wash the chicken before cooking? According to experts, this increases the likelihood of poisoning several times, because the bacteria on the surface of the chicken will be distributed on all surfaces that you use to process the meat – the sink, cutting board, knife, etc.

But it is possible to kill all the bacteria by cooking the chicken at high temperatures. So if you are asked if you need to wash the chicken before roasting, the answer is absolutely no!

Why You Can’t Wash Your Fruits, Vegetables, Hands, and Utensils with Water

Another category of food that doesn’t need to be cleaned with water is greens. So, spinach, broccoli, lettuce, parsley, dill, arugula, and other greens that you buy in the supermarket – are already washed. There should be a special note on the bag of these greens about it. Washing them again at home can cause these foods to become sluggish and less tasty.

But, be careful: this rule does not apply to greens that you bought at the market!

But it is necessary to wash fruits and vegetables, bought both in the supermarket and at the market. After all, just a visual review to make sure that the products are clean is not enough.

Another question: can I wash vegetables with soap? Note that most products can be simply rinsed thoroughly under running water – this will be quite enough to get rid of bacteria.

Doctors assure that there is no need to use soap or gel to clean fruits and vegetables because their constituent chemicals can remain on the surface and enter the human body, which can cause allergic reactions or poisoning.

Even if you bought heavily contaminated foods, we advise you to wash them in cold water with a brush or sponge.

Do I Need to Wash Eggs Before Boiling

Eggs are another product that hostesses often like to wash. But not everyone knows why you shouldn’t wash eggs before cooking and how to properly wash eggs at home.

It turns out that chicken eggs are covered with a little-visible film that protects the yolk and white from bacteria getting into them. Washing an egg can allow bacteria to penetrate the shell.

But should you wash country eggs? Or if you happen to find eggs very dirty, we suggest learning how to properly wash chicken eggs from droppings and what you can wash chicken eggs with.

In the professional kitchen, it is customary to wash eggs, using a special solution. It will remove all harmful microorganisms without effort and pressure.

Then there are other questions: how long can you keep washed eggs, is it possible to store washed eggs? According to experts, washed eggs are stored in the main chamber of the refrigerator, but not in the door for no more than 12 days. It is best to keep them in an open container or in their original packaging.

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