To Stop Stinking: How to Get the Smell Out of Your Shoes

Unpleasant smell from shoes, visible even to others – an annoying problem from which no one is immune. We tell you what effectively absorbs the smell in shoes and how to prevent its appearance.

How to remove the smell from shoes with salt

One popular way to effectively get rid of the unpleasant smell in shoes is salt. It absorbs excess moisture and kills bacteria.

After wearing and before using salt, you should let the shoes dry (even if not wet) and remove the insoles. Salt can be poured in an even layer directly into the shoes. You can also – which will be easier and prevent possible discomfort from granules in the future – put salt in a clean bag or sock and put it in the shoes. It is recommended to leave the salt in the shoes for one night, and in the morning to pour it out. It is recommended to repeat the procedure as needed and alternate with salt or soda foot baths.

Chlorhexidine from “aroma” in shoes

Effective remedies for the smell of shoes can be found in the pharmacy, for example – antiseptic chlorhexidine.

It should thoroughly treat the shoes from the inside. It will be convenient to do this with a piece of absorbent cotton or absorbent cotton. Then it is recommended to send the shoes into a tightly knotted bag for a couple of hours, and then dry them in the open air.

Unpleasant smell from shoes on fur – how to solve the problem

How to remove the smell from winter shoes with fur – a question that almost every owner of such boots or boots will have to ask at least once. Especially if the fur is synthetic. These products are difficult to dry, they do not circulate air well – all this stops boots and boots in a paradise for bacteria, and they do not exude at all a heavenly aroma. To avoid the situation becoming catastrophic, it is better to have at least one more pair and change shoes every other day.

Be sure to dry such shoes – with crumpled paper or special drying devices. Treat fur with antiseptics (even alcohol and water will do) and do not be afraid to add something fragrant. You can drop a couple of drops of scented oils, put a bag of tea or ground coffee under the insole, or just use a store deodorant for the feet.

What to do before your shoes start to stink

The best remedy for unpleasant foot odor in shoes is to take steps to prevent its occurrence. Here are a few rules of what to do to keep your shoes from stinking that you can follow at home:

  • Wear different shoes and change insoles;
  • Wear socks made of natural materials that absorb sweat;
  • Give your shoes, boots, and sneakers an “air bath” at least once a week;
  • Keep your feet healthy;
  • Try foot deodorant – you can find it even in chain stores of household goods.
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Written by Emma Miller

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