What to Buy in the House in Case of a Blackout: a List of Useful Things

Battery-powered light bulb

If there is no electricity for a few hours, the battery light bulb will help light up the house. Such a bulb can provide light in the house for several hours if the battery is pre-charged. Such bulbs are not fire-hazardous and quite economical, as they usually use an economical LED light.


It is recommended to buy several lanterns in each house. They come in several varieties. Battery-powered flashlights last longer than others, but they won’t help if the battery isn’t charged when the light goes out. A battery-powered flashlight is a fairly reliable option. Mechanical flashlights work as long as you wind them up manually and for a few more minutes.

Power banks

Power banks are indispensable devices for people who use smartphones frequently. You can use them to charge your phone without a light. Power banks need to be charged in advance while the power is on. The higher the power of the device, the heavier and larger the power bank will be.

Car Charger

Many electronic devices can be charged from the cigarette lighter of the car. If you have a car, it is worth buying a cigarette lighter adapter to charge other devices when the lights go out.


An electric generator is a large battery that can power a refrigerator, kettle, heater, and other appliances. Generators come in different types – solar, gas, diesel, or gasoline.

The gasoline generator is less powerful but cheaper than others. It will save you during short blackouts. A diesel generator is better to take for a summer cottage or a private home, where there are many household appliances.

Cooler bag

A cooler bag or thermal bag will keep food fresh if the refrigerator goes out. Depending on its size and capacity, it can keep cold for 2 to 7 hours. And if you use cold batteries, the time will increase to 12 hours.

Portable gas stove

Owners of electric stoves in case of power outages are recommended to buy a portable gas stove, which runs on gas cylinders. Such a stove will also help in a situation where the gas is cut off.

Kettle on battery

These kettles have a battery built into the device, which allows you to boil water without electricity. Previously, they were bought mainly by travelers to boil water in all conditions. Now such a device will be useful at home to always have hot water at hand and cook without light.

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