What To Eat To Gain Weight

Some people dream of losing weight, while others, on the contrary, want to gain weight. So today we’re going to talk about how to gain weight. A diet that “attracts” kilograms requires you to follow a few dietary rules.

  • Eat an apple or drink fruit juice before meals.
  • After eating, you must lie down for at least 15 minutes.
  • Eat as much protein, fat, and carbohydrates as possible.
  • Drink as many fluids as possible.
  • Eat high-calorie foods at night.

How to gain weight quickly

To gain weight, you not only need to eat more, but you also need to exercise: ride a bike, go to the pool – so that the weight is distributed evenly over the body, otherwise the waist will simply disappear and the figure will become ugly. Fitness classes will have a good effect on your figure.

Another tip is to eat immediately after training. When working out in the gym, do not limit yourself to eating for 2 hours after exercise (as is usually recommended). High-calorie carbohydrate or protein foods such as ice cream, nuts, scrambled eggs, bananas, hamburgers, etc. will be beneficial to your figure 40-50 minutes after exercise.

But perhaps the most important rule is calmness. If you want to gain weight, don’t do it spontaneously. You don’t need to gain weight quickly because it can even harm your body. You need to adjust your diet and exercise.

Foods that help you gain weight

It is clear that in order to gain weight, you need to eat high-calorie, carbohydrate-rich foods.

However, you should not get carried away with foods high in sugar, as this can lead to the development of diabetes.

You need to eat several times a day (5-6) in small portions, and the food is high in calories. And in no case should you eat until your stomach is full 2-3 times. First of all, you need to pay attention to dairy products that contain large amounts of protein. Also, eggs, meat, fish, and legumes contain a sufficient amount of protein. You need to remember carbohydrates, which are abundant in flour products. Effective vegetables for those who want to gain weight are potatoes and corn.

In addition, the following foods will help you gain weight:

  • milk.
  • butter.
  • milk cereals with butter.
  • chocolate.
  • fruits (bananas, persimmons, melon, mango, apricots)
  • fruit juices with the pulp.
  • vegetables (pumpkin, zucchini, beets).
  • milkshakes.Giving up alcohol and cigarettes will have a positive effect on appetite and weight gain. Additional calories can be obtained from various seasonings for the main meal, such as sauces, pancake syrups, and tea with honey. All of these hidden calories will help you recover faster without causing stomach heaviness or discomfort.
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Written by Bella Adams

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