How to Feed Eggplants for a Rich Harvest: The Best Folk Remedies

Eggplant is a rather finicky crop with regard to soil quality. With proper care and regular fertilization, the plant will please gardeners with large and juicy fruits. However, to overdo fertilizers is not necessary – their excess will lead to the fact that the leaves will be beautiful and large, but the fruits will not be ugly.

Feeding of eggplants in summer: what you need to know

Gardeners should remember that eggplants are fed directly under the root. You can not spray fertilizer on the leaves or stem, and if the substance got there, it should be washed off immediately with water. Also, eggplants should not be fertilized with fresh manure.

The first fertilization can be carried out not earlier than 15 days after planting in the ground, and better after 20 days. In general, during the summer spend from 3 to 5 fertilizers, depending on the condition of the plant.

Important: all fertilizers must be heated to at least 20 degrees before application.

Nitrogen and potash fertilizer for eggplant

Nitrogen accelerates the growth of the bush so that the fruits appear and ripen earlier. It is recommended to buy a ready-made mineral fertilizer for eggplant from a mixture of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. Apply the fertilizer should be applied at the root and be sure to comply with the dosage indicated on the package. When the first flowers appear, reduce the amount of nitrogen and increase the amount of potassium.

Eggplant fertilizer from grass clippings

Take a barrel or large bucket, fill one-third with any fresh grass from the vegetable garden, and top with warm water. Cover the container with a lid and put it in a hot sunny place for 1 week. With the resulting solution, water the plant under the root (1 liter per bush).

Fertilizer for eggplants from cowpea

A solution from a weed called cowpea is very useful for eggplants. Pour fresh cowslip with warm water in a 1:10 ratio. Leave the container in a sunny place for 7 days. Heat the mixture before use and water 1 liter per bush.

Feeding Eggplant with Yeast

Feeding with yeast stimulates the growth of eggplant fruits. Dissolve 600g of compressed yeast in a liter of warm water to make the mixture. Then add 100g of eggshells. Leave the mixture under sunlight for 4 hours. Dilute with water in a 1:10 ratio. Water the eggplants in the amount of half a liter of solution per bush.

How to fertilize eggplants with wood ash

Mix a glass of wood ash in a bucket of warm water. With this solution, immediately pour the bushes near the root. Then sprinkle additional dry ash on the ground near the eggplant roots.

Fertilizer for eggplants from potato peelings

Potato peel fertilizer is applied at the stage of flowering and the appearance of green fruits. This fertilizer will saturate the soil with starch useful for eggplants. Fill potato peels with water and boil for 5-7 minutes. Allow cooling completely. Strain the water from the peels and water the eggplant bushes.

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