What to Occupy a Child on the Road: Games, Entertainment, What to Take With You

Long trips are hard to even for adults, let alone children. Babies find it hard to sit still for hours on end, they get bored and may even become naughty. Parents should prepare for the long journey and think about what to occupy the child in transport to the trip was easy.

What to occupy the child on the road

Children of all ages like to draw and paint. You can also tell a story to your child or make up a story together with him. Games with your child on the road can be as sleepy as active, such as playing hands. Do not forget about the cartoons and audio tales, which must be downloaded to the phone in advance.

How to entertain a small child on the road

For young parents will certainly be a question, of what to occupy a child of 1 or 2 years. Kids just love to stick stickers, so we advise you to stock up on stickers and a notebook for their gluing.

Also keeping a small child occupied in the car or on the plane can be a magnetic chalkboard.

Still a small child can be distracted by food. You should not feed your baby sweets. Children’s bread or cereal cookies are a great option.

What to take a baby on the road to play

For a trip with a child to be easy and relaxed, you should put together a backpack or bag in advance, which can be:

  • Phone or tablet with downloaded games, music, audio stories, and cartoons on them.
  • Age-appropriate books.
  • Toys. Preferably, the toy should be new – it is more likely to cause interest in both the baby and the older child.
  • A drawing set. These can be coloring books or an album of felt-tip pens and pencils. You should not take paints, as it is inconvenient to use them during traffic.
  • Board games. This can be a board with magnets or a game with dice – such an option is great for flying on a plane.
  • Puzzles. Buy a new puzzle before the trip – time will fly by.

Games with your child on the road

Children need to change activities often, so you probably can’t do without just felt-tip pens and books. You can play cooperative games with your child. What kind of games on the road for children can be?

  • Guess the tune – sing a tune or one of the lines of a song. The winner is the one who guessed first what the song is.
  • Words – the first participant names any noun and the next person has to come up with a word for the last letter.
  • Finding objects – ask the child to find objects by some characteristic. For example, find all blue objects or iron, round, hard, and so on.

Silence is a real salvation for parents and a chance to be in silence for a minute. Whoever speaks first loses.

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