What to Treat the Garden Against Pests in Autumn and When to Fertilize: 8 Important Things to do in September

The end of summer does not mean that the gardening and gardening work is over – experienced people know that there are still a few important things to do in preparation for the fall season. Even though the canning marathon is over, you should start preparing your plants for winter, and this process requires a lot of effort and time.

What fertilizer to put in the ground in the fall – options

An important part of the September work in the garden is the fertilization of the soil. This is important, because during the season the plants took a lot of nutrients from the ground, and they need to be replenished. Nitrogen fertilizers in the autumn are strictly forbidden – they provoke the growth of leaves and shoots, so it is better to use phosphorus and potassium fertilizers. It can be ash, superphosphate, sulfate, and potassium chloride.

What to treat the garden from pests in autumn – effective methods

Despite the fact that the active period of work in the garden and vegetable garden is over, the fight against pests is still necessary, otherwise, the insects will hide in the soil for the winter. It’s important to fight uninvited guests now and not to delay until October – by then they will have already gone deep into the soil. In addition, after the trees lose their leaves, they will need to be sprayed by other means.

Previously, we spoke in detail about how to treat the garden in autumn against diseases and pests.

Is it necessary to prune old fruit trees in September

Before winter, shrubs and trees should be carefully inspected for old, diseased, and withered branches. Do some formative pruning and remove tendrils from strawberries.

What to plant for the winter in September – bushes and trees

It is in September you can plant trees and shrubs, with which you have long wanted to ennoble your plot. Over the fall and winter, crops have time to take root and become stronger by spring.

Useful tip: Prepare holes 2 weeks before planting and fill them with fertilizer so that you don’t have to do it in a hurry.

What is the best way to whitewash trees – Autumnal options

To keep trees safe from environmental aggressors, whitewash them in the fall, especially if you’re not sure you can get into the garden in the fall. It is best to use water-based paint – it takes the fall rains well and does not fade. You can also wrap white burlap around tree trunks.

How and when to prune raspberries – caring for the berry

After you gather the last berries of remontant raspberries, you need to prune all existing bushes, including summer bushes. Remove the fruit-bearing branches, and shorten the young ones. In addition, it is important to cover raspberries for the winter, so that the culture normally survived the cold.

When to harvest potatoes – a reminder

No, later than September you need to remove potatoes from the beds and leave them in storage. First, it will no longer bear fruit, and second, insects in the soil will turn the crop into their food. It is also important not to forget to remove other root vegetables – carrots, beets, etc.

Harvesting ground tomatoes and cucumbers in September

The first month of fall is the last chance to pull bushes with tomatoes and cucumbers. This is the time to harvest the last crop and remove the haulm – so you will be able to protect the culture from hypothermia and disease. From the harvested vegetables, make canning, and if you find damaged bushes, burn them or send them to compost.


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