Why Do You Put Salt in the Oven: Tips for Delicious Baked Goods

Many people have experienced baked goods that don’t bake well or even burn at all while cooking. This is not always an indication that you did not follow the recipe or that you got the temperature wrong.

Why the top won’t bake in the oven

There are many technical reasons why the oven can “burn” and not work properly. In these cases, it is necessary to call a master, who will help deal with this problem.

However, often the reason is much simpler – the heat in the gas stove comes out from the bottom and is not evenly distributed throughout the oven. This can cause the bottom of the baked goods to burn, but they will remain soggy inside and on top. There are a few easy ways that can fix this.

Why put salt on the bottom of the oven

You can put a tray of coarse salt on the bottom of the oven. This will help bake the dish evenly, as the salt will give off heat as it cools. Some housewives pour salt directly on the bottom of the form in which they bake.

It is important that the salt in the oven does not affect the taste of the dish. Over time, it may turn yellow, but this will not prevent it from performing the desired function.

What do you need a brick for in a gas stove?

Red brick performs almost the same function as edible salt. It absorbs excess heat and provides even heat distribution throughout the oven.

In addition, you can buy special baking stones in stores. They will facilitate the cooking process, making you forget about spoiled baking.

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Written by Emma Miller

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