How Easy and Simple to Improve the Taste of Herring Under a Fur Coat: The Secret is Revealed

Herring under a fur coat is one of the most popular salads, which can often be seen on the holiday table.

Herring under a fur coat is a popular salad, which is prepared both for holidays and on weekdays. In the process of preparation, many housewives wonder how to improve the taste of herring under a fur coat or what to cook on the side.

It is worth noting that special skill is not required in order for the salad to turn out delicious. Vegetables are boiled, sliced, or grated and laid out in layers on a dish. Before each layer, the previous one is smeared with mayonnaise, or a similar sauce to taste.

But to some tricks, hostesses still resort. If you do not know about them yet, we will reveal to you one little secret of how to make the taste of the salad memorable.

How to improve herring under a fur coat: a proven method

It has been proven by experience that butter can significantly improve the salad. At the same time, it must necessarily be as cold as possible.

So, to get a great combination, you need to get a small piece of butter from the refrigerator, quickly grate it, and add in this form to the herring. All this should be done before you send the herring to the dish with the vegetables.

It is with the addition of a small amount of solid butter that the salad will turn out perfect in taste and will not disappoint anyone.

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