Why You Shouldn’t Drink Kefir At Night

Even such a simple question as whether you can drink kefir at night causes a storm of debate. Some believe that the milk drink helps you fall asleep, improves digestion, and almost heals your stomach. Others believe that it only adds extra calories and makes people wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom.

In general, like most healthy foods, kefir does not contain anything so terrible, and it is safe to consume.

But there are, as they say, subtleties. There are especially many of them in matters related to weight loss.

Can I drink kefir at night to lose weight?

To begin with, drinking something “for weight loss” is pointless, if not harmful, thing. Often, all sorts of “goodies” are consumed on top of the calorie content calculated for weight loss, according to the principle of medicine, so to speak. Meanwhile, they also contain calories. And they greatly contribute to reducing calorie deficits and do not contribute to weight loss in the long term.

And you should forget about fasting days on kefir altogether because this can lead to serious consequences.

Can I drink kefir at night?

To begin with, our body does not physiologically perceive food after 21:00, because at night it has to do some work: remove toxins, the remains of undigested food, in short, to cleanse itself and prepare for the next day.

And what about kefir? It causes strong fermentation in the intestines, and if you eat kefir at this time, you distract it from its main work, disrupting all the processes. As a result, all the toxins and food residues stay with you.

Getting into the intestines, kefir does not allow you to remove fats from the body, on the contrary, their diffusion back occurs, which is why fermentation occurs. Strong fermentation in the intestines can lead to conditions such as dysbiosis, colitis, and yeast growth. It also activates yeast that feeds on sugar, which is why you crave more sweets after drinking it.

Kefir also has many contraindications: pancreatitis, gastritis, dysbiosis, and high acidity.

How to drink kefir and what to replace it with

If you are very hungry at night, it is better to drink a glass of natural yogurt, which causes minimal fermentation. Kefir is a healthy product if you drink it properly, namely before 5 p.m., and not on an empty stomach.

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