Can You Eat Acorns Or Are They Poisonous?

Acorns are often found on an autumn walk in the forest or through the park. Many ask the question: can you eat acorns or are they inedible? The answer is: it depends.

Oak trees compete with the sun in autumn; their leaves have turned yellow, orange and brown. The fruits of the tree are also ripe now: the acorns. During the autumn walk you may have already asked yourself: Can you eat acorns or not?

Are acorns edible?

Basically, you can eat acorns. They are even healthy because they are full of important unsaturated fatty acids and B vitamins. Older generations may still know acorn coffee or bread made from acorn flour. In any case, the decisive factor is the preparation of the acorns.

Raw acorns are inedible

Acorns are only edible for us if they are watered beforehand. In untreated condition, the nuts contain high concentrations of the tannin tannin, which can lead to severe gastrointestinal problems.

Prepare acorns properly

If you bring acorns back from an autumn walk, it is best to first remove the inner kernel from the shell (carefully with a nutcracker) and the brown seed skin. Then soak the nuts in water for a day or two, which dissolves the tannins and turns the water brownish-yellow. Remember to change the water from time to time until the water runs completely clear. Then all tannins are washed out. Then let the acorns dry well.

With the dried fruits you have various delicious preparation options:

Roughly chop them and toast them briefly in the pan. This gives muesli, salads, stews and soups a nice nutty and crunchy note. Roasted acorns also taste great as a snack between meals.
You can also grind acorns and bake them in bread, cookies, or pancakes as a flour substitute.
Roasted acorns are finely ground to make a great decaffeinated coffee powder.

An important note for all dog owners: Acorns are taboo for four-legged friends. The tannin it contains is toxic to dogs and can lead to tiredness, loss of appetite, fever, constipation and diarrhea, and in the worst case even be fatal.

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