Can You Eat Sugar Snap Peas Raw?

Sugar snap peas are among the most expensive peas. They are tender and taste sweet. Hence the name. It is also often called snow pea or king pea. Can you eat them raw?

Sugar snap peas are healthy

Small, fine, tender and sweet: sugar snap peas. They are so called because the sugar content is quite high. Some experts advise against eating them raw.

The name of the sugar snap pea comes from Latin and is called Pisum sativum in botany.

Experts cannot fully understand what the origin of the word Pisum means. The word was translated into peas from the Germanic.

They have been a staple food for many centuries. Above all, it contains valuable minerals, proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates.

The vegetable belongs to the legumes and the content of vitamin C is very high. Likewise the content of the vitamins B group. In addition, it contains iron, magnesium and phosphorus in no small amount.

You should not boil the vegetables, otherwise they will no longer taste good. It is best to use small, flat pods. That’s where the small pea kernels first formed.

You should cut off the base of the stem, as well as the tip. If you have bought large pods, you still have to pull off the threads.

In order not to eat the vegetables raw, experts advise steaming the vegetables with a little butter, a little salt and a little sugar.

Therefore, you should not eat the king pea raw

The snow peas are harvested when the peas inside are fine and small.

Some experts advise against eating the snow peas raw. However, there are also voices that say that they also taste raw.

There is a toxic protein (phasin) in the peas. It is only destroyed when cooking.

Phasin is toxic to humans and is found in legumes. The phasin content is very different. A short cooking time is enough to destroy the phasin.

It is toxic because, among other things, a haemagglutination process can occur in the body. This means that the red blood cells are glued together. To do this, however, a certain amount of phasin must be supplied to the body.

It then comes to diarrhea, vomiting and discomfort in the stomach and intestines.

Phasin is also found in kidney beans, for example. As few as five raw seeds can cause symptoms.

The phasin content in snow peas is said to be very low. They should be consumed raw with caution.

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