Children’s Birthdays – How To Plan Successfully!

For every child, birthdays are absolute fun and a highlight shared with best friends. So that you can plan everything stress-free and have everything in view, here are our best tips. From themes for the party to recipes to a checklist.

The first steps must be well thought out

It is best to start planning a children’s birthday party a few weeks before the big day. But before you can work through the checklist point by point, you need to do a few preliminary things.

A motto makes everything easier

Give the children’s birthday party a motto. Here you can include the preferences of the children and thus ensure double the joy. According to this motto, you can arrange food, decoration, games, or costumes.

These could be possible mottos for your children’s birthday party:

  • Fairies and Magic World
  • Pirates and Mermaids
  • circus
  • Knights and damsels
  • Peppa Pig
  • superheroes
  • dinosaurs or also: scary parties (witches, ghosts, monsters, and Co.)

How many children do I invite?

When it comes to the number of guests, there are a few rules that you can use as a guide.
Tip 1: The age of the child can be a guide for the number of guests (plus/minus one person). This way no chaos breaks out and you always have an overview.
Tip 2: The child’s best friend is the most important guest and should never be missing from the birthday party.
Tip 3: Feel free to take over the planning of the guests who should be invited. However, leave the final decision about who is coming and who is not to the birthday child.
Tip 4: Sometimes parents decide to stay or bring along the siblings of the invited guest. Clarify in advance who is coming and who wants to stay and who doesn’t.

Make sure you have enough entertainment

Besides food, nothing is as important as entertainment. Games come first here. In addition to the child’s favorite games or board games, you can also adapt or select games to match the theme of the party. It is important that all children can participate and that no child has to be abandoned or excluded.

The classic birthday games:

The sling

The swing cloth is a large round cloth which is good for a large group. Here the children can really let off steam with all kinds of teamwork games.


In the checklist we have listed all the important points and when it is best to do them.

Long-term points that have to be worked through after the first considerations – 1 month before:

  • plan decoration
  • superior games
  • Choose cakes & snacks
  • Make/write invitation cards

Next steps – three to one weeks before the birthday:

  • Buy decoration
  • get presents
  • Distribute invitation cards to all guests
  • Determine food, drinks, and cakes and write a shopping list
  • prepare games

The day before:

  • bake a cake
  • prepare the first cooking steps
  • prepare snacks
  • decorate room

On birthday:

  • prepare fresh ingredients such as fruit and vegetables
  • decorate table
  • Celebrate and have fun!

Good luck and have fun at your next children’s birthday party!

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