Cleaning The Grill Grate: From The Preparation to Home Remedies And The Right Brushes

Cleaning the grill grate – that sounds like a time-consuming task to most people. With us you can prepare the grate for the next barbecue evening in no time at all. The only important things are the right preparation, suitable home remedies, and suitable brushes. We have summarized everything you need to know.

Soaking – different methods

If you want to clean your grill grate properly, it is best to take precautions – and thus avoid food and grease residues sticking to it too stubbornly. To do this, spread some cooking oil evenly over the grid before grilling using a sponge. Nothing should drip, because a thin layer is enough. If you don’t have to clean your grill grate immediately after grilling, it is best to soak it overnight. Water or damp grass will help. Make sure, however, that it has already cooled down. This also applies if you wrap the device in damp newspaper overnight in order to then clean the grill grate.

By the way: The freshly cleaned grate can be used in the best possible way if you know the different grilling methods and use them accordingly. In our expert knowledge, which is worth reading, we will also tell you which meat is best suited for grilling.

Cleaning the grill grate: home remedies that help

When it comes to cleaning, preparation is also important. In addition, there is the important friction effect. Because if everything is well soaked, you can remove dirt with the help of fine grains. For example, cold coffee grounds act like sandpaper. If you want to clean a burnt-in grill grate and do without chemical cleaners – it’s definitely worth it – baking soda can help. 100 grams of the powder mixed with a liter of water results in a dissolving mixture. Spray it on your grill grate and leave it on overnight to easily wipe off the dirt the next day with a cloth. Rinse again with clear water – done. Another home remedy for cleaning your grill grate is apple cider vinegar. Mix approx. 200 milliliters with two tablespoons of sugar and spray the still hot grill grate well with it. Now work the mixture into the dirt. About half an hour later you should be able to remove the incrustations.

Clean the stainless steel grill grate

A simple helper for cleaning the grill grate is steel wool. However, this does not apply to cast-iron models or variants made of stainless steel. If you want to clean a cast iron grill grate, be careful not to damage its patina, as this protects the material from rust. Simply burn the grate thoroughly after grilling and then use a brass grill brush. Their bristles are softer than steel wool. Cleaning a stainless steel grate is particularly easy. Simply soak it in dish soap and water, then wipe away any dirt with a sponge. Incidentally, steel wool is not an option here either. It can leave small particles that rust. Stainless steel itself, on the other hand, does not rust. Once everything is clean again, dedicate yourself to our recipes for grilling all over the world – and look forward to varied, delicious dishes!

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