Make Oat Milk Yourself And Enjoy It In Its Natural State

Vegan milk is trendy – there is a large selection of ready-made products in the supermarket. You can also easily make oat milk yourself. Here you can find out how it works and what you need for it.

This is how you can make oat milk yourself

If you want to avoid cow’s milk for health or ethical reasons, you can use plant-based milk substitutes. The most popular varieties include drinks made from almonds, soy, rice, and oats, and new creations such as pea milk are also on the rise. The vegan alternatives are almost always more expensive than the cow product – and some people are not quite comfortable with industrial production. A safe way to rule out additives like emulsifiers or sugar is to make your own oat milk. This is quite easy to do using a variety of methods.

The quick production with oatmeal

You can make oat milk from oat grains or oat flakes yourself. If you want to go fast, the use of flakes is recommended. You can start right away with the tender variety, soak crunchy oat flakes for a few more minutes. To make a liter of oat milk you will need:

  • 1 liter of cold water
  • approx. 60 g oat flakes
  • a blender
  • a nut milk bag

Add the water and flakes to the blender and run on high for 2-3 minutes. If the mixture becomes too warm, stop the process until it cools down. You can avoid waiting times with ice-cold water. If you like, you can add water and flakes to sweeten dried fruit, sugar or sugar substitutes, and a pinch of salt for taste. When the drink is the consistency you want, strain it through a nut milk bag. Alternatively, this also works with a very fine-meshed sieve or a tea towel.

Make your own oat milk from whole oats

The preparation of oat grains takes longer because they have to be soaked first. For a liter of milk, mix 80 grams with twice as much water and leave overnight. Then drain, rinse and mix with a liter of cold water and any other ingredients to taste. This oat milk can also be made yourself without a nut milk bag – but you get the purest result with this kitchen helper. If you like, you can boil the oat milk and then puree it. Regardless of the preparation method, homemade oat milk can be kept in the refrigerator for about three days. Use it to prepare our delicious power shake with oat milk!

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