Cleaning The Hand Blender – That’s How it Works

Instructions: Clean the hand blender properly

  1. Take a suitable container, fill it with warm water and add a drop of washing-up liquid.
  2. Now hold the hand blender in the container and switch it on for a few seconds.
  3. Then rinse the hand blender thoroughly under warm running water. Alternatively, you can empty the container and start a second run with fresh water.
  4. You can also clean the outer area with a sponge or brush. To do this, however, you should disconnect the device from the power supply and unscrew the attachment.
  5. Tip: For very thorough cleaning, you can place the hand blender in warm water with a dash of vinegar essence or citric acid for 10 to 20 minutes. You should then wash the blender thoroughly with clear water.

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