Cover The Cake With Fondant – That’s How It’s Done

Basics for cakes with fondant

  • First, cut the cake so that there are no bumps on the edges or on the surface. The effect of an uneven cake would later be enhanced by covering the fondant.
  • Important: Cakes made of firm dough are easier to decorate with fondant than those made of softer dough, such as fruit slices and cream cakes.
  • Now put all the necessary ingredients and tools aside. In addition to the actual fondant, you need icing sugar (possibly also potato or cornstarch), a rolling pin, and a smoother and ideally a rolling pin.
  • You can buy fondant in any larger supermarket or on the Internet. For a cake, a normal 300-gram pack is enough. You can also make your own fondant. Incidentally, white fondant can also be easily colored with food coloring.

Cover cakes with fondant – that’s how it’s done

  1. Coat your cake with a sealing compound. Buttercream works best here.
  2. Use the smoother to spread the cream evenly. Again, make sure you don’t leave any irregularities behind.
  3. Place the cake on a stand.
  4. Now dust your work surface with icing sugar.
  5. Remove the fondant mass from the pack and roll it out. The thickness should be within a range of 3 to 5 millimeters. The coating should never be thinner, otherwise, there is a risk that the cake will show through in places.
  6. The next step is to lift the rolled-out fondant onto the cake. The best way to do this is with a rolling pin.
  7. Roll the material onto the auxiliary tool and then carefully place it over the cake.
  8. Alternatively, you can try using a thin rolling pin.
  9. Reach for the trowel so that you can smooth away any air bubbles that appear on the surface.
  10. Pull out the fondant evenly around the edges and trim off the excess. Use the smoother again to smooth the edge as well.

Decorating tips for fondant

  • Fondant cover with a marble look: You get this special look if you don’t knead in the food coloring completely when coloring. As a result, some areas are offset with more color and the marble pattern is created.
  • Striped Fondant Cover: Use different colored fondants. Roll them out, cut them into strips, and place them on top of each other. It is important that you roll out everything again after the pattern has been laid. This is how the individual strips stick together.
  • Tip: You can also use excess material to decorate the surface with a wide variety of shapes. Cookie cutters are ideal for conjuring up beautiful figures on the cake. There are no limits to your choice of object.
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