Cut Onion Rings – That’s How It Works

Cut onion rings – the knife should be very sharp

Cutting onion rings is actually not rocket science. With a little practice and the right tools, this works wonderfully. First, you should remove the front and back of the onion, as well as the skin.

  • If you want to cut onion rings, you need a sharp knife. It should have a smooth blade without serrations so that the knife does not get caught in the onion fibers when cutting.
  • A straight cutting board is also important. The rings will not cut as well on a plate. A wooden or plastic board is suitable.
  • So that there are no tears, you can cut the onion rings under your hood. In this way, the essential oils that sting the eyes are automatically extracted to the outside.
  • Alternatively, you can place a candle next to the cutting board and onions. This also helps to avoid watery eyes.

Cut onion rings evenly with simple tips

The rings should be as similar in size or width as possible so that they also look good as decorations on food. Since the appearance of onion rings also plays a role, you can also cut them with a kitchen utensil.

  • In order for the rings to be even in width, do not cut them, rub them. Grating boards are suitable for this, which you can also use for cucumber slices. Place the onion on a fork, then grate into even rings. The fork ensures that you do not injure yourself when rubbing.
  • Take the onion between your thumb and forefinger and hold it tightly so it doesn’t slip. Now cut through the slices in one go with the very sharp knife. That means you don’t let go of the onion and squeeze it as you cut it.
  • If you want the onion rings to be very accurate, use a spacer. You can also use this to cut potatoes, cucumbers, or other foods.

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