Diet For Osteoarthritis: What Can Help?

A special diet for osteoarthritis can help relieve symptoms, lose weight and prevent further joint wear and tear. Which foods affect arthrosis and which ones should be avoided?

Osteoarthritis and diet

Joint wear and tear cannot be reversed, but nutrition can have a positive effect even in advanced arthrosis. A change in the diet affects osteoarthritis because it helps with weight loss and can slow down the degenerative process.

Obese people often suffer from osteoarthritis. Being overweight puts extra strain on the joints. If you lose weight through a healthy diet, your joints are relieved. In this way, pain caused by friction on the bones can be reduced and further cartilage degradation prevented. Therefore, a diet for osteoarthritis is part of the therapy plan in many cases.

Even if you are not overweight and the joint disease is a family disease or caused by excessive physical exertion, a special nutrition plan can help to regenerate the cartilage tissue. Food has a direct effect on the joints and can thus positively or negatively influence the course of the disease. An animal study showed that saturated fatty acids, which are often found in fast food, worsen arthrosis.

Alkaline and antioxidant foods against osteoarthritis

First and foremost, it is important to avoid unhealthy ingredients such as saturated fatty acids and to consume valuable ingredients that support the development of cartilage. It doesn’t matter whether the arthrosis occurs on the knee or the finger – the diet remains the same.

In the case of osteoarthritis, it is also important to avoid inflammation and hyperacidity, as both hurt osteoarthritis. The osteoarthritis diet should therefore be basic. In addition, many antioxidant foods should be on the menu, as they have an anti-inflammatory effect. Whole foods are also recommended. It contains many vital substances that nourish the joints. Gluten-free foods also relieve the burden on the intestines and prevent inflammation.

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