Diet For Osteoarthritis: The Plan For Strong Joints

The right foods can slow down wear and tear and even effectively relieve pain. Praxisvita explains which diet makes sense for arthrosis and how you can strengthen your joints.

Osteoarthritis can make everyday life miserable and unfortunately cannot be cured. But with exercise and the right diet in arthrosis, you can delay the progression of the disease significantly. Praxisvita reveals what should be on your menu and what also helps against joint pain and inflammation.

Sausage only in moderation

Joint-healthy food is rich in vital substances and counteracts obesity and inflammation. Both are factors that negatively influence arthrosis. In order to prevent inflammatory processes, you should only consume small amounts of the fatty acid arachidonic acid with your food – it really boosts such processes. The acid is mainly found in meat such as sausages, which is why it is best to eat them twice a week at most.

Which fish is particularly protective

Treat yourself to fish more often for dinner: oily sea fish such as herring or salmon in particular contain omega-3 fatty acids. And these are the healthy counterparts to the “bad” arachidonic acid: They have an anti-inflammatory effect and are therefore targeted against pain. Studies show that patients with a good omega-3 supply (about 250 milligrams/day) need significantly less cortisone and painkillers. It is best to eat 250 grams of sea fish two to three times a week. If you don’t like fish, you can also find other foods in the supermarket that are enriched with omega 3 (e.g. bread, yogurt, or eggs), which are also suitable for osteoarthritis.

Fruit Vegetable? Please access

You can also eat a lot of fruit and vegetables. According to current studies, cherries are the most effective anti-inflammatory that nature has to offer – as long as we eat about 250 grams of them per day. Pineapple or papaya and any kind of berries also protect us very effectively. Green vegetables such as spinach and fresh herbs can also prevent inflammation, relieve joint pain, and are suitable as part of the diet for osteoarthritis. Tip: Season with curry more often. The spice mix contains curcumin. And this inhibits the release of a messenger substance that plays a key role in the development of inflammation.

Cartilage protection through proper nutrition in arthrosis

Leek, onions, and garlic should be on the plate every day if possible. Because they contain a special substance that acts directly against arthrosis, as it inhibits a cartilage-destroying enzyme. An English study showed that out of 500 patients, those who ate a lot of leeks and onions had significantly more stable hip joints and less arthrosis than the control group.

Which also helps with pain

Even with good nutrition, arthrosis can cause pain. Despite symptoms, it is therefore particularly important that those affected continue to exercise. In acute phases, for example, going for a walk for half an hour a day is healing. Sports such as swimming or cycling two to three times a week for 30 minutes each are also ideal.

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