Dishwasher: Powder Is Better Than Tabs

Powder instead of tabs for the dishwasher

Whether you operate your dishwasher with tabs or powder is initially a matter of taste. The dishes get clean with both variants.

  • The advantage of the powder is the much lower price: you have to reckon with costs of about five cents per run for the powder. A tab often costs 20 cents or more.
  • In addition, you can dose the powder better than tabs. If you only want to wash a few dishes and choose a water-saving program, you will ultimately need less detergent.
  • If you want to have as little impact on the environment as possible when washing dishes, the right dosage is also crucial. If you use too much cleaning agent for one rinse, the rest will get into the wastewater and is difficult to break down there.
  • Tabs are the right choice for you if ease of use is important to you and you are willing to spend a little more money for it.
  • It is pleasant that many tabs already contain rinse aid and cleaning salt. So you don’t have to buy it separately and put it in the machine.
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Written by Lindy Valdez

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