Divide Radish Sowing Into Intervals

Whether in a salad, on bread, or simply from hand to mouth, everyone likes to eat radishes. Children love them because you can literally watch them grow in the nursery. If you plan the radish sowing wisely, you will always have fresh radishes.

As soon as the ground is frost-free, you can sow radishes at temperatures from around 10° C. The radish seeds are about 3 millimeters in size, brown and egg-shaped. You can pick them up individually and sow them in doses. These are fast-growing spring varieties.

  • saxa
  • Cyrus F1
  • Lucy
  • Vienna
  • Icicle Vitus
  • French Breakfast

Those who value convenient sowing in gardener quality can buy ready-made seed tapes. This automatically keeps the correct distance when sowing.

So that the fresh seed grows into strong plants, it is advisable to use seed compost. Compared to plant soil, it contains hardly any nutrients. If the seedlings initially receive fewer nutrients, they will develop stronger roots to provide them with nutrients.

Prepare soil for sowing radishes

Radishes like airy, moist soil. Therefore, aerate the soil and let the earth evaporate with the wind. When it crumbles in the hand, it’s perfect for radish sowing. Now it offers enough oxygen for germination.

Good to know: Radishes need a lot of light. So only sow in bright, semi-shady places. Maintain a row spacing of 10 centimeters. And leave at least 4 centimeters of space between the seeds. Shallow sowing in 1 cm deep grooves forms the tubers more evenly. If the seeds are planted too deep, the tubers will grow misshapen and elongated.

Keep radishes well and evenly moist after planting. It takes about four to eight weeks from sowing to harvest. Ideally, only gradually sow as much as you actually eat. Then there are fresh garden radishes all season long.

Radish sowing without a garden bed

Growing radishes can also be done in balcony boxes (€34.00 at Amazon*). Fill the flower box (€34.00 at Amazon*) with fertilized potting soil. The distance between the individual seeds should be about 4 centimeters. Now the soil is kept moist. After about a month, the first radishes will be harvested. And the funny, red radish mice as a party snack also inspire everyone.

Tips and tricks

If you start the radish harvest early, you are guaranteed to get poison-free and maggot-free tubers.

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