Do without Starch: The Best Alternatives

If you don’t have any cornstarch on hand or you generally want to do without the binding agent, you can easily replace it. We will show you the best alternatives to conventional cornstarch.

Avoid cornstarch: alternatives when baking

When baking, there are some alternatives to cornstarch, which are supposed to make the pastry fluffier and lighter.

  • If the cornstarch is used together with flour anyway, you can replace it with flour. This means that the dough will not be as soft, but the taste will not change.
  • Pudding powder consists mostly of cornstarch and is, therefore, the ideal substitute. However, the taste must also match the desired cake.
  • Another alternative is locust bean gum. This has the same properties as cornstarch and is also vegan. In addition, it is lactose- and gluten-free.

Alternatives in cooking

If you want to make a delicious sauce, you often need a little cornstarch to bind it. We present possible alternatives in the following points.

  • You can thicken your sauce with flour. However, be sure to use a kitchen sieve and gently stir in the flour. This way you avoid the formation of lumps.
  • Another alternative is to use an egg. Stir this in and let the sauce boil up briefly.
  • Flea seed shells are also a good alternative, and they are also vegan and gluten-free. Just add some ground psyllium husk. These also promote your intestinal health and help you lose weight.

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