Do You Have to Salt Aubergines Before Cooking Them?

Eggplants do not necessarily have to be salted before preparation. This was common in the past to extract the bitter substances from the eggplant. Today, however, most strains are bred with only a few bitter compounds, so this process is not necessary for this purpose. On the contrary, the salt even removes flavors from the vegetables. Whether you decide for or against salting also depends on how you want to prepare the aubergines.

When roasting and deep-frying, salting beforehand can be useful, as this removes water from the aubergine. It, therefore, does not cook in the pan in its own juice, absorbs less fat, and has a milder aroma and a softer consistency. To do this, cut the aubergine into slices or pieces, sprinkle with salt, and leave to stand for half an hour. Then pour away the juice and remove the salt thoroughly with a soft cloth or brush.

If you want to cook eggplants or prepare them together with other ingredients, you do not need to salt them beforehand. Just wash them thoroughly and cut them into bite-sized pieces. You can then use it to prepare a ratatouille, moussaka, pasta, or other delicious stews and casseroles, such as an aubergine casserole.

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