Eating After Bleaching: This is How The Teeth Stay White for a Long Time

After bleaching, your white teeth are particularly at risk when eating. There are numerous foods that you should avoid at first to prevent unsightly discoloration.

White teeth through bleaching: What can I eat after the treatment?

Bleaching brightens your teeth by one or more shades, depending on your preference. In order not to jeopardize this radiant white, there are a few rules that you should observe when eating.

  • Whitened teeth after bleaching are particularly at risk. Due to the softened enamel, color pigments are deposited particularly quickly.
  • To prevent unsightly discolouration, you should pay attention to what you eat and how you look after your teeth for at least three days after the whitening.
  • In order to remove the breeding ground for bacteria and thus keep your mouth healthy, daily oil pulling with coconut oil is recommended. This recommendation also applies to the period after bleaching.
  • Do not use mouthwash or toothpaste with strips for the first three days after whitening. These two products can sometimes lead to unsightly discolouration.

Recommended foods after whitening

If you want to enjoy the brilliant white of your teeth for a long time, you should be careful what you eat after bleaching.

  • Avoid acidic foods such as fruit or juices. These also attack the already softened tooth enamel and make the teeth more sensitive.
  • Strongly staining foods such as red wine, coffee, beetroot, or spinach are taboo in the first three days after teeth whitening.
  • Instead, prefer so-called white foods such as quark, turkey, rice, or pasta.
  • If you smoke, bear in mind that the tar from a cigarette also has a staining effect on your teeth. Therefore, avoid it for the first three days if possible.
  • In general, discoloration of teeth due to strongly staining foods can also occur in the months after bleaching. The less you eat, the longer you can enjoy the brilliant white of your teeth.

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