Eggs Can be Dangerous to Health: How Not to Cook Them

Heat treatment of food really helps to destroy bacteria, but there are some nuances. Despite the fact that eggs have a high nutritional value and are rich in protein, mistakes in their preparation can deprive this product of its beneficial properties or even harm health.

According to a reviewer for the Chinese portal Sohu, heat treatment of food does help kill bacteria. However, if eggs are cooked for too long, the sulfur and iron they contain will break down into other substances, and the product will lose its nutritional value.

At the same time, egg lovers risk getting poisoned due to insufficient heat treatment. As the article emphasizes, this is especially dangerous for children.

The method of boiling eggs in brown sugar was also considered dangerous. Despite the widespread belief that this way you can stimulate blood production, it can lead to the formation of elements harmful to the body.

Food blogger Alina Vinar told us how to replace eggs in savory and sweet pastries. One of the best alternatives to eggs can be fruit or vegetable puree: banana, apple, pumpkin, plum, zucchini, or apricot. It should be added at the rate of three tablespoons of mashed potatoes replacing one egg.

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Written by Emma Miller

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