Espresso Maker: a Simple Guide

Cooking a delicious coffee with an espresso maker is not difficult with our instructions. We show how it works and what you need.

Making coffee with an espresso maker – instructions

For a delicious coffee from the espresso maker, you only need some water and ground coffee beans in addition to the device itself.

  • First unscrew the upper part of the espresso pot, which will later contain the coffee.
  • Take the funnel insert from the lower part and fill in about 200 ml of water, but no more than the safety valve. It is ideal if the water is slightly preheated. Then the coffee tastes better.
  • Reinsert the funnel insert and fill it with ground coffee. The coffee should not be too fine but should have a grind between 4 and 6.
  • Now you can unscrew the upper part again and place the espresso pot on the stove. The cooker jug ​​works on a gas or ceramic hob, but not on an induction cooker.
  • Set the stove a little higher than medium heat. It must not be too hot, otherwise, the espresso will be bitter.
  • If the water in the lower part is heated, the coffee rises through the metal rod into the upper part. You can tell by a hissing noise.
  • When it stops bubbling, remove the espresso pot from the stove. There should still be a small amount of water left in the lower part.
  • Now you can enjoy your coffee. To clean the espresso pot, wait until it has cooled down. Then unscrew them again and knock out the funnel insert. All parts can be rinsed with water.

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