Fermenting Beetroot – This Is How It Works

Fermenting beetroot – you have to pay attention to this

Fermenting is a technique used to make food last longer. Food is mixed with salt water. After a certain time, this creates lactic acid, which keeps bacteria at bay. Fermented beetroot is perfect as an ingredient in a hearty salad or as a side dish to a hearty main course. It’s not difficult to make them though. We’ll explain how to do it.

  • Peel the beetroot and cut it in half.
  • Now remove the stalk and cut the beetroot into smaller pieces. It is up to you what form the pieces take.
  • Rinse the mason jars or jelly jars you plan to fill the beetroot in with boiling water.
  • Then fill the beetroot pieces, garlic cloves, bay leaves, and peppercorns into the glasses. Then add about 1 tablespoon of salt per kilogram of beetroot.
  • Now add enough water to cover all the pieces of liquid. Then screw the lid on the jars and leave them in a dark place.
  • After about two to three days, bubbles will begin to form and the beetroot will ferment. When this happens, you should put the jars in the fridge.

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