Fine Truffles In The Freezer

Truffles, the finest edible mushrooms in the world, are rare, expensive, and only available in selected shops from October to March. If you have the opportunity to buy these mushrooms cheaply, you should definitely freeze a supply, as the mushrooms can be stored very well in the freezer.

Store truffles

The valuable truffle should always be stored properly, cool, on the sand, or wrapped in kitchen paper. Here, however, a distinction must be made between the white and the black truffle.

White truffle

White truffles smell intensely of honey, hay, and wet earth. They are more delicate than black specimens and should be eaten quickly. For a short time, however, you can store the mushrooms in the smallest possible tin or jar, wrapped in paper towels, in the fridge. The paper absorbs the resulting moisture and must be changed daily, otherwise, the truffle could become soft. Choose the coolest compartment for storage. The optimum storage temperature is around + 2°C. Nevertheless, the white truffles continuously lose their aroma and weight during storage.

Black truffle

Black truffle smells strongly of mushrooms and some musk. They keep longer in the fridge than the white truffle. Even if the black truffle shows some mold, it can be brushed off. Dry, fairly cool storage in kitchen paper is also recommended for the black truffle. Take care of your truffles and they will stay fresh in the fridge for up to ten days.

Freeze truffles

If you want to be on the safe side, freeze your truffles. The valuable mushrooms can be kept airtight for up to a year, but lose some of their flavor and weight. When freezing, do the following:

  • Gently clean the truffles with a brush.
  • Slice the mushrooms into thin slices. A special truffle slicer is ideal for this.
  • Now freeze the mushroom slices in small portions, because just a few slices give a finished dish a great aroma.

Whole truffles can also be frozen. To do this, the cleaned tuber is wrapped tightly in aluminum foil and placed in the freezer. You can chop leftover truffles, stir them into fresh butter and freeze them in small portions.

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Written by Emma Miller

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