Food Is A Passion!

Cooking can be fun. Provided the right ingredients are used or the group cooks together. It only plays a minor role whether you cook with your own children or with the shared flat. A flat share has the advantage that knowledge from different kitchens comes together, which in the end unites to form a whole. While children learn from their parents and thus only have the chance to learn new things through their own ideas. In addition to the passion for good food, cooking also means life. After all, nobody can survive without food!

Juggle with food!

In order to create new dishes, you should dare to juggle food. Of course, the well-known juggling is not used, but the opportunity to create new dishes and drinks in a playful way. People should drink enough water, especially in summer. Peaches are suitable not only for cakes and Asian dishes but also for various drinks for the summer evening. If you enjoy cooking, you can also train as a chef. Well-trained chefs are always in demand, so it’s easy to travel the world and make a career out of this profession. Of course, there should be the will to stand behind the stove for up to 8 hours a day!

Try summer dishes!

Sometimes something fits together in the area of ​​food that can’t fit together at first thought. So there are many ways to use cucumbers. In addition to eating cucumber as a snack between meals, cucumber can also be found in salads. On the one hand, a cucumber salad goes well with fish, but also with melons and strawberries. The rule is, that the fresher the lettuce, the more it supplies the body with liquid. Strawberries provide the kick of vitamins and if you love cheese, add a little feta. This salad can also be taken to work for lunch in the summer.

Basic knowledge of cooking!

Of course, anyone who enjoys cooking or is just starting out should also have a basic knowledge of cooking. Because if you don’t know the difference between the amount of a teaspoon and that of a tablespoon, you can do a lot wrong when cooking according to the recipe. This basic knowledge is required in the training to become a chef. For everyone else who only likes to cook for themselves, it’s worth reading up on good websites about food. Logically, a teaspoon is slightly smaller than a tablespoon. Because the teaspoon should fit into a coffee or tea cup.

Creativity required!

In order to be able to prepare delicious meals yourself, there should be a penchant for creativity. After all, you don’t just cook according to a recipe or your own ideas, you also eat with your eyes. The chef is also responsible for putting the food on the plate. In a private gathering among friends, this is usually accepted as a nice highlight. However, this is part of the job of a chef. It’s always a matter of trying it out, looking at it, and serving it if you like it!


Eating is a passion and everyone has to in order to be able to eat healthily. Anyone who can cook a little better will mostly use fresh ingredients. For everyone else, there is also frozen food, which makes a lot of things easier. However, if you find a love for cooking, you should think about training as a chef. Because cooks are always wanted!

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Written by John Myers

Professional Chef with 25 years of industry experience at the highest levels. Restaurant owner. Beverage Director with experience creating world-class nationally recognized cocktail programs. Food writer with a distinctive Chef-driven voice and point of view.

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