Freeze Yeast: Is That Possible? The Best Tips!

Half the yeast cube is used up – what to do with the other half? Can you freeze yeast and what should you watch out for?

Can you freeze yeast without losing its raising power? In general, this is possible – however, a few rules should be observed.

Can you freeze yeast?

Yeast can actually be preserved longer by freezing – if it is not left frozen for too long. Because ice crystals form in the yeast in the freezer, which means that the yeast gradually dies off. But it is only after about six months that this process begins to have an effect on the yeast’s driving force.

Freezing Fresh Yeast: Here’s How It Works

Freezing yeast works best with the following tips:

Originally packaged yeast can be frozen in the packaging.
An opened yeast cube is transferred to a freezer bag or other container and then placed in the freezer.
The freezer container should be dated to ensure the yeast stays in the freezer for no longer than six months.

Freezing dry yeast: what is the best approach?

Dry yeast can be kept for at least three years without freezing – provided it is stored in a dry, dark and not too warm place. If the dry yeast is frozen, it can even be used beyond the best before date, even if the packaging is open.

The procedure for freezing dry yeast is the same as for fresh yeast. Dry yeast can even be kept in the freezer for up to twelve months without any loss of raising power.

Thawing frozen yeast: how to do it?

The yeast can either be thawed overnight in the refrigerator or used directly after taking it out of the freezer. The best way to do this is to mix it in a warm liquid and add it to the appropriate dough.

The yeast is liquid after thawing: is it still good?

When defrosting, the yeast may become somewhat runny. But that doesn’t diminish their quality. If the propellant is thawed in the refrigerator, it should be placed in a bowl as a precaution.

If these rules are followed, yeast can be frozen without any problem, giving it a shelf life that is many months longer.

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