Freezing and Thawing Meat – That’s How it Works

If you have bought or defrosted too much meat, you can refreeze it. But not in all cases. In this practical tip, we explain what you should consider when freezing and thawing meat.

Defrost meat

It is usually not good to cook meat that has been defrosted twice. This poses health risks. We will now show you what you can do if you still want to freeze meat a second time.

  • Germs and bacteria form when meat is thawed. That’s why the best thing for your health is to keep education to a minimum. If you put the meat in the fridge overnight to thaw, fewer bacteria will form than at room temperature due to the cold.
  • So that the bacteria are really killed off during preparation, it is advisable to heat the meat very strongly. Also, avoid touching the meat with other foods unless you are also heating them. Touching it can transmit bacteria that are then not killed.
  • Any liquid left over from thawing the meat should be poured down the drain and this should be cleaned thoroughly if you intend to wash food in it.

You have to keep this in mind when freezing

There is also something important to consider when freezing meat so you don’t put your health at risk.

  • It is safe to freeze cooked meat, but not raw meat. Prepared and heated meat no longer harbors bacteria, but raw meat does. If you freeze raw meat and thaw it again, even more bacteria will develop than before.
  • It can happen that due to the increased number of bacteria, roasting the meat is no longer sufficient to kill them all. The result can be severe gastrointestinal diseases.
  • That is why hygiene is all the more important. As a precaution, wear gloves with said meat or wash your hand particularly well. The bacteria can also be transmitted through your skin.

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