Frying The Aubergine: Tips For Preparing It In The Pan

You can easily fry an aubergine if you follow a few tips. So that the vegetables do not splatter when roasting and the result is convincing, we will explain how to proceed correctly.

Frying the eggplant: the preparation

If you want to fry eggplant, you have to drain the vegetables. Otherwise, the aubergines will splatter while frying and will be tough and bitter afterward.

  1. Cut the aubergines into slices about 0.5 cm wide.
  2. Salt the slices and place them on a board lined with kitchen paper. The aubergine must now sit for about a quarter of an hour so that the water can be drawn out of the slices.
  3. Pat the eggplant dry with a kitchen towel and carefully remove the excess salt.

How to fry the eggplant: instructions

Once you have drained the eggplant, proceed to fry:

  1. Put about a tablespoon of oil in a pan. Let it heat up.
  2. Place the aubergine slices in the heated pan and sear them on both sides. The slices should turn golden.
  3. Pour in some oil if necessary. Be careful not to use too much oil, as the eggplant slices will soak up the oil like a sponge.
  4. Place the fried slices on paper towels to soak up the excess oil.

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