Making Lemon And Orange Zest: This Is How The Cutting Technique Works

Lemon and orange zest are part of cocktails, soups, and co. You don’t have to buy them. In this article, we explain how you can make it yourself.

Make lemon zest yourself: instructions

Lemon and orange zest are often part of different recipes. This is the top layer of the orange or lemon peel.

  • First, wash the fruit well. Then dry them well.
  • Use a zester or vegetable peeler to cut off the peel. If you don’t have a zest cutter, use a small but sharp knife.
  • Carefully cut off the top layer of the peel. Do this without pressure. When doing this, cut off the peel so that it is cut off in a spiral shape.
  • Make sure you only cut off the yellow or orange part of the peel. The white areas do not belong to the zest.
  • The white area is bitter and not suitable for consumption.
  • If you want to store the zest, let it air dry. After a few days, put the zest in a jar and seal it airtight. Then use the lemon zest for soups, sauces, Mediterranean dishes, or cocktails.

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