“Garbage Rolled up in Cans”: Experts Explain Why You Shouldn’t Buy Canned Sprat in Tomato

Canned food on the shelves is falsified. The fish has probably been stored for a long time and can cause poisoning.

Sprat in tomato is a popular, inexpensive, and, until recently, tasty product. Now even technologists don’t want to try this canned food. They say that the product does not meet any standard and may even cause poisoning.

All the jars passed the leak test, but the canned food itself raised many questions. First of all, all manufacturers put in little fish. In a few cans, a few were intact-with heads and entrails; in others, the fish had lost their shape and the carcasses were not held together.

Sydorenko assumed that the canned fish was falsified. It is possible that the fish had been stored for a very long time before being canned, and could cause poisoning.

Questions also arose about the quality and quantity of the sauce. It is possible that the producers abuse sugar and flour to make the sauce thicker and to hide the true taste of the stale fish.

“It doesn’t meet any standard at all! I don’t want to try it. I think it’s dangerous to try it,” said student Pavlo Batsyura.

Why quality tomato sprouts disappeared from the shelves

Producers say that fried sprat has disappeared from Ukrainian shelves because of its high price. However, they continue to produce it, but not for the Ukrainian market.

“We make fried sprat, but for America, for Israel… It’s more expensive, the oil is expensive,” the producers explain.

What should be the quality of tomato specks?

According to DSTU, high-quality sprat in tomato should be decapitated, the fish should be even and of the same size.

But most producers have decided to forget about state standards when producing a product for the domestic market.

They are ready to supply a quality product for Ukrainians as well. To do this, one of the chains has to order a batch that is currently being shipped from our fish farms to the United States and Israel. At the same time, the price of such sprat in tomato will skyrocket.

“But what is better: to buy cheaper to throw away a fake, or more expensive, but definitely tasty? So far, there is no such choice. Only garbage rolled up in cans. A shadow of a forgotten brand,” journalist Konstantin Grubich summarized.

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Written by Emma Miller

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