Garlic Green From The Inside: Poisonous Or Still Edible?

It’s happened to all of us: we cut open a clove of garlic and the garlic is green on the inside. Is the toe still edible or even poisonous? The answer is that simple.

Garlic is not only delicious but also one of the healthiest foods out there. The active ingredient allicin contained in garlic has, among other things, an antibacterial effect and therefore makes the plant one of the best home remedies for colds. As a tasty kitchen ingredient and as one of the best home remedies of all, garlic is an integral part of the kitchen supply. But how long does garlic keep? Can we still eat the cloves when the garlic is green on the inside and when it has already sprouted? The answer is very simple.

Why does garlic turn green from the inside?

It’s relatively common to cut up a clove of garlic and find that the center of the clove is green in color. That’s nothing to worry about.

The green color inside the clove is a sign that the garlic is no longer fresh. The green color in the center indicates that the toe is beginning to sprout.

A sign of fresh garlic is a very small green core. The bulb is particularly fresh when there is no green color in the cloves and the garlic shimmers slightly pink on the outside.

Is green garlic still edible?

When the garlic starts to sprout, you don’t have to throw the whole bulb in the trash. Despite the green core, you can still eat the tuber without any problems.

However, it is advisable to cut out the green core. While this is not highly toxic, it can affect the taste. Because the green core of the toe can have a bitter aftertaste.

Is Sprouting Garlic Still Edible?

Even if the garlic is starting to sprout, you don’t have to worry about your health when you eat it. However, there may be a loss of taste if the garlic already has green sprouts.

It is therefore not a health problem to eat garlic that germinates or is green on the inside.

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