How Long Do Boiled Eggs Keep? It Depends on These Factors!

Especially after Easter, we often have colored eggs left over in the fridge. But how long do boiled eggs last? These are the points that matter.

Dyeing eggs is one of the most popular Easter traditions. This does not only apply to the shelled shells. We also like to dye hard-boiled eggs for maximum Easter decoration effect at the breakfast table. However, it can quickly happen that we overdo it and that we still have a lot of colored eggs left after Easter. But how long do hard-boiled eggs last?

How long do hard-boiled eggs usually last?

Hard-boiled eggs can normally be eaten without refrigeration for up to two weeks after the eggs have been boiled. If you store the eggs in the refrigerator, they can even last up to four weeks.

Caution: The long shelf life only applies to eggs that have not been quenched with cold water. Because the quenching process creates a thin layer of air between the eggshell and the egg white. This allows microorganisms to penetrate more easily. Once you have quenched your eggs, you should store them in the refrigerator and use them up within two weeks at the latest.

How long do colored eggs from the supermarket keep?

Colored eggs from the supermarket are often coated with a layer of varnish that extends their shelf life. It may therefore be that you can consume them longer than home-boiled eggs. However, as a precaution, stick to the best-before date stated on the packaging.

In principle, however, you should refrain from buying dyed Easter eggs and rather dye them yourself.

How can I extend the shelf life of home-boiled eggs?

Do not scare the eggs after cooking. Also, refrain from pricking the shell before cooking, as in this case pathogens can penetrate the egg. Statistically, about every tenth egg bursts during cooking anyway. That we can prevent this by poking is a myth.

To keep the egg from cracking, you can add salt or a little vinegar to the cooking water instead, which will instantly coagulate the leaking egg white and seal the spot.

How long can boiled eggs last? Tip to check

Even the smallest crack can ensure that the egg is spoiled. So, be sure to always inspect the eggshell for damage before eating. In the worst case, it can be infected with salmonella.

However, there is no need to be afraid of a greenish-tinged yolk in a hard-boiled egg, since it is simply a chemical reaction between the iron contained in the yolk and the sulfur contained in the egg white. It may look ugly, but it does not affect the shelf life or the taste of the ice cream.

Accordingly, the shelf life of boiled eggs depends in large part on whether the shell is damaged and whether you have chilled the egg.

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