Generation Chips

Today’s generation of people is increasingly referred to as Generation XXL. A circumstance in which there is of course some truth, but nothing is being done about it. Generation Chips is now making itself comfortable on the couch. The following interesting article by Mr. Fröhlich – ex-clinic manager – clarifies these circumstances and stimulates reflection.

Generations get their name

In socio-political and increasingly in cultural-historical terms, generations are defined by common living conditions or characteristics (e.g. the war generation, the 1968 generation). Terms such as “Generation Golf” or “Generation X” have meanwhile become buzzwords that are often quoted, which, of course, generalize unacceptably.

The carefree generation Golf

Those born in the 1960s and 1970s are referred to by some as Generation X, which for the first time without the effects of war has to be content with less economic prosperity than their parents’ generations, but who at the same time have to pay for their ecological and economic sins.

Somewhat later, the same generation in West Germany was characterized as “Generation Golf”, which, compared to its predecessor generation, behaved apolitically, was fashion and brand conscious, and was materially largely carefree.

Generation internship – cheap and welcome

At the beginning of 2005, an article in “Zeit” entitled “Generation Internship”, as a life-shaping trend for many young academics who only complete one internship after the other instead of getting a permanent job.

Generation XXL – Now clothes sizes don’t matter anymore

The “youngest” generation is sometimes referred to as the XXL generation because of the sharp increase in overweight children and young people. However, “XXL” only describes the external condition, based on clothing sizes.

On the other hand, the term Generation Chips refers to the complex causes, namely a lack of exercise due to too much media consumption, an unbalanced diet, and the genetic disposition (software) that the human body stores energy reserves for times of need, although food is available everywhere and constantly in Western society today To be available.

Generation chips – the demographic time bomb is ticking

According to Edmund Fröhlich, the Chips generation will be the generation “that will be sicker than previous generations and will die earlier than their parents”.

The clinic manager coined the term Generation Chips in allusion to the fatal mixture of “unhealthy food” (potato CHIPS) plus “computer games” (microCHIPS). The aim is not to rigorously forbid children from both pleasures, but to learn how to use them responsibly.

Rather, we should warn against the “catastrophic” demographic development that we are facing in the coming decades given the number of fat children who will then become even fatter adults.

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