Hard Avocado: Can You Eat It Unripe?

Everyone knows them, most love them! The avocado is meant. It’s just sometimes difficult for this tasty little green fruit to look behind the hard shell. Because it is only good to eat when ripe.

Eating unripe avocados?

Hardshell softcore! Unfortunately, this is not the case with avocado. In the supermarket, you often see the label that the fruit is “ready to eat”. However, since the fruits are harvested and transported when they are unripe, no one can know for sure. You can only feel if the fruit is ripe by gently pressing on the hard shell. If the skin gives slightly, you can buy and eat the avocado without hesitation. However, if the skin is still hard, the avocado is unripe and poisonous in large quantities. So not edible. The poisoned person contains can lead to abdominal pain and cramps. Quite apart from the fact that the pulp tastes bitter.

Ripen hard avocados quickly

Have you invited friends over and only now realize that the avocado is unripe when you are about to prepare the guacamole? No problem. There is a very simple trick you can use to get the avocado ripe in no time.

  • Wrap fruit in aluminum foil
  • Bake in the oven at 200 degrees for 10 minutes
  • choose a longer baking time depending on the size
  • let cool and process

Tip: You have to keep in mind that baking changes the taste a bit. He’s getting a little stale. With a few more spices, this is easy to solve and nothing stands in the way of enjoyment.

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Written by John Myers

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