How to Save Cabbage Until Spring: Proven Ways for Housewives

Preserving fresh cabbage for the winter is not difficult if you know a few rules. In fact, there are not many options – the cellar or the apartment.

How to store cabbage in the basement for the winter

In order to ensure the preservation of white or red cabbage, you can use the cellar or basement. This is especially convenient because you can also store carrots in it for the winter. Experienced housewives say that there are only a few of the most successful ways.

Let’s leave the situation hanging

This option is simple enough – you need to wrap a strong thread around the cabbage by the core and hang it in the cellar. This is convenient – the vegetables will not take up much space or come into contact with any surfaces. If you choose this method when harvesting the cabbage, do not cut the core too much and leave the top leaves – over time they will dry out and protect the next layers of cabbage from rotting.

Eternal life in the sand

A common method, with which, incidentally, many housewives preserve carrots, too. There are two variants:

The cabbage should be placed in a wooden box, leaving 3-5 centimeters between the vegetables, and covered with dry sand. Then lay out a second layer of cabbage and repeat until the box is full.

Fill the box with 20 cm of dry sand and stick the cabbage with the core down. It is important to remember that the length of the core must be at least 8 cm.

Storing cabbage in a box

The essence of this method is the same as in the previous version but without sand. You need to take a clean dry wooden crate and put in it 5 cabbage sprouts, then the second layer – also 5 pieces. Take into account that the first layer should be placed with the core up, and the second – with the core down.

The Pyramid Method

Some people store cabbage in stacks – this option is suitable for those who have little space in the basement or cellar. To do this, you need to build a wooden structure of slats, the distance between which will be equal to 10 cm. Outwardly, it should resemble a pyramid. Cut off the core of the cabbage and put each vegetable on the construction, leaving a small distance. With this method, you will be able to preserve the cabbage until spring.

How to store cabbage at home

The reality is that there is not much space in the apartment for storing vegetables – the refrigerator or the balcony. But even here, choosing one of the two options, you need to consider the rules, otherwise the vegetables will go to waste, and you will be upset.

How to properly store cabbage on the balcony

Ideally, if your balcony is glazed and insulated – only then is it suitable for cabbage siesta. These two indicators are especially important in winter – frost hastens the process of cabbage rotting.

The method itself is quite simple – you need to find a container for cabbage (a box or box) and put the cabbage there. You can do it in its natural form, or you can wrap it in paper or food film. It is advisable to check once a month how things are – then you will be able to save precious vegetables in time if they decide to pass away.

Can I keep the cabbage in the fridge?

This option is the same as the previous one, with only one nuance – the temperature in the refrigerator is not always the same. Fluctuations occur when you open the door – heat enters inside, and this can affect the preservation of vegetables.

You can store cabbage in the fridge without any packaging, but then the top leaves will wilt and you’ll have to take them off. It is better to use food film – it will protect the cabbage from external factors and can guarantee you full preservation of vegetables.

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