Iron-Rich Foods At A Glance

Iron-rich foods ensure that your body is sufficiently supplied with the trace element. You can read here which iron-rich foods are a must on the menu.

Iron-rich foods at a glance

Iron is a vital trace element for the body. Its most important function is the transport of oxygen in the blood. With an iron deficiency, the body is not supplied with sufficient oxygen. The result: we feel tired and listless, can no longer concentrate, and are easily irritable.

Iron-rich foods belong on the menu

It is therefore important to include iron-rich foods in your diet to meet your daily iron requirements. The German Society for Nutrition (DGE) recommends women 15 milligrams per day, and men only 10 milligrams.

Iron-rich foods – How to improve the absorption of the trace element

Iron is found in both plant and animal foods. The body can absorb the iron from animal foods better. But even with plant-based, iron-rich foods, there is a trick to improve absorption: Combine them with vitamin C. A glass of orange juice, a salad with strips of peppers, or a kiwi after a meal improves iron absorption significantly.

  • Iron-rich foods at a glance
  • Meat fish
  • pumpkin seeds
  • chanterelles
  • chocolate
  • salsify
  • White beans

You can find out which foods you should eat to prevent a deficiency, how much iron they contain, and what else is in them in the picture gallery “Overview of foods containing iron”.

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