Cow’s Milk Allergy – What Is The Milk Alternative?

Cow’s Milk Allergy – What is the Milk Alternative?

For people with a cow’s milk allergy, regular milk is anything but healthy. Fortunately, there are herbal alternatives.

Almost every third child is affected by a cow’s milk allergy

Every German drinks around 55 liters of milk a year – a world record. But some people cannot tolerate typical cow’s milk. Every fifth person already suffers from an intolerance to lactose. This lactose intolerance, caused by the lack of an endogenous enzyme, causes abdominal pain every time you drink milk. Those suffering from a cow’s milk allergy are even worse affected.

Itching from cow’s milk allergy

Even the smallest amounts of dairy products lead to itching, shortness of breath or even anaphylactic shock, and even fatal circulatory failure. Fatal: Every third small child suffers from a cow’s milk allergy, whereby the complaints in 70 percent of the small allergy sufferers recede by the time they reach school age.

Until then, milk alternatives are in demand. In the case of lactose intolerance, these can be lactose-free products, and in the case of people allergic to cow’s milk, plant-based milk alternatives. And – and this is the good news – they are no longer inferior to their animal counterparts.

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