Is Curd Healthy?

Quark, especially low-fat quark, is considered the ultimate source of protein. But what about other nutrients? And is cottage cheese healthy? All information at a glance!

Quark makes you strong: The old saying is justified, because most types of quark contain a lot of protein. Quark is therefore considered very healthy. But beware, some people should rather keep their hands off the milk product.

Is curd healthy?

Due to its many valuable ingredients, quark has several positive effects on health:

Quark contains a lot of protein, has a high calcium content and has a whole range of vitamins and minerals.
As a low-calorie and high-protein food, quark is ideal if you want to take care of your figure and build muscle.
Quark contains so-called probiotics, which are mainly found in lactic acid products. They make the intestinal mucosa more resistant and can even prevent chronic intestinal inflammation.

Is lean quark healthy?

As you can already guess from the name, low-fat quark is superior to other types of quark in terms of health. Because with the fat content, the proportion of unhealthy saturated fatty acids also increases significantly.

While low-fat quark is cholesterol-free, quark with a 20 percent fat content contains 17 mg and 40 percent quark even 37 mg cholesterol per 100 g. So if you have the choice between quark and low-fat quark, you should always go for the lower-fat variant.

Low-fat quark: healthy for the liver

In addition, low-fat quark is particularly healthy for the liver. Unlike foods high in sugar and fat, which mean hard work for the organ, low-fat quark is significantly less stressful due to its low fat and sugar content and gives the liver the opportunity to regenerate – which is why it is recommended as an integral part of the menu for people with liver diseases.

How can I lose weight with lean quark?

Low-fat quark is known as a true diet classic. Because it contains hardly any calories, but a lot of protein (about 14 grams of protein per 100 grams). This not only keeps you full for a long time and prevents ravenous appetite attacks, but also stimulates the metabolism, which promotes fat burning.

Because in order to process proteins, i.e. protein, the body has to provide more energy than protein-containing foods actually contain.

Is eating quark every day unhealthy?

The German Society for Nutrition (DGE) recommends consuming no more than 250 ml of dairy products such as quark, yoghurt or cow’s milk per day. If daily consumption is within this range, eating quark every day is not unhealthy. Only people with kidney disease should refrain from it – frequent consumption of quark is not recommended for them because of the high phosphorus and calcium content.

If consumed in moderation, however, it is actually true that quark is healthy – and that low-fat quark in particular can help to lose weight.

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