Is Garlic Healthy? The Miracle Tuber Can Do That

Garlic is often referred to as a healthy miracle bulb. But what can the tuber do? We explain the benefits of garlic and how healthy it is.

Facts about the miracle bulb garlic

  • It is generally said that garlic keeps the blood, heart, and blood vessels healthy.
  • Garlic can also protect you from many cardiovascular disorders. For example, it is often used in arteriosclerosis.
  • In the Middle Ages, garlic was used against the plague and could be found in almost every pharmacy because of its antibacterial properties.
  • Scientists also found that garlic ointment disrupts communication between bacteria.
  • This ensures that infection cannot spread further. Unfortunately, the scientists were only able to prove this in the Petri dish. It is still unclear whether it also works in the human organism.

That’s what makes garlic so healthy

Allicin is what makes garlic so healthy.

  • The clove of garlic releases this when the outer layer of the skin is injured. So when you peel and cut the garlic.
  • Allicin ensures that free radicals are intercepted in the body. This protects the cell membranes from premature aging and further damage.
  • The allicin in garlic also improves blood flow in your body. This will reduce the risk of a blood clot.

Side Effects of Garlic

Aside from the odor induced by the allicin, garlic has few side effects. This makes it a great home remedy for some diseases.

  • However, the same applies to garlic: Too much is not healthy.
  • If you eat too much garlic, you can get an upset stomach or severe bowel problems.
  • As with any food, the same applies here: the right amount makes the difference.
  • If you have a fundamental aversion to garlic, trust your gut feeling. After all, you can still enjoy many health benefits with a healthy diet.

Black garlic can do that

Black garlic is made by fermenting a regular head of garlic.

  • The resulting black garlic offers you even more health benefits than the raw bulb.
  • The fermentation of the tuber ensures that it almost completely loses its smell and typical taste. The unpleasant bad breath stays away.
  • You can therefore add black garlic as a spice to your food without hesitation.
  • Regular garlic can sometimes be too spicy for your stomach, so black garlic is better for everyday consumption.

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