Peeling Asparagus: You Have to Pay Attention to This

If you buy fresh asparagus, you should usually peel them. However, there are many subtleties involved. In this tip, we will show you what you should specifically consider when peeling asparagus.

Peel asparagus correctly – you should pay attention to this

You can see on the package whether the asparagus is already peeled or not. However, assume that this one is not peeled. Especially if you decide to buy fresh asparagus directly from the producer, you usually have to lend a hand yourself.

  1. Before you peel the asparagus, you should first wash it thoroughly.
  2. You should always peel asparagus from top to bottom. The best way to do this is with an asparagus peeler.
  3. Cut off the end of the asparagus, leaving the head on.
  4. You should slice the asparagus evenly. Since the asparagus often gets thicker towards the bottom, you may miss some spots or not remove them evenly. Only cut off the ends after peeling, so you can quickly see where you need to peel again.

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