Is Pork Really Unhealthy?

Pork dishes are plentiful and consumed accordingly. But is eating pork as unhealthy as people say it is? All info.

Whether it’s sliced, grilled, or cold cuts – pork is popular. However, the assumption that pork is unhealthy persists. Is this just a rumor or does eating pork have negative effects on our health?

How unhealthy is pork?

Antibiotics, high fat, risk of cancer, chemicals, sick conspecifics – you often hear that. Vegans and vegetarians in particular often use these keywords to argue against pork. But are these justified? So is pork healthy or unhealthy?

The answer lies in purchasing the product. Clearly: cheap pork was also produced accordingly.

A big problem here is factory farming. In this animal husbandry, hormones, for example, to promote growth, antibiotics, or inferior feed are fed and “cheated” onto the pigs. Due to this cramped and stressful living situation as well as the conditions mentioned above, fellow animals that are already ill stay in the mass farms. Understandably, pork is considered extremely unhealthy under these conditions. For this reason, you should focus on quality when buying, otherwise, you are harming your health and supporting this despicable way of animal husbandry.

If the pig lived healthily, it is not harmful to humans either. But only as long as the consumption happens within the framework. Excessive consumption can not only cause cardiovascular diseases, but also chronic diseases.

How much pork consumption is acceptable?

The German Society for Nutrition (DGE) has also dealt with the thesis “Is pork unhealthy?” and, as a result, also with the level of consumption. This states that no more than 300-600 grams of meat should be consumed per week as part of a wholesome diet. This is especially true for red meat, which also includes pork, as it is particularly unhealthy for the body when consumed in large quantities.

There are alternatives to pork

With enough prior knowledge of possible deficiency symptoms that need to be compensated, you can easily fall back on alternatives to pork (or meat in general). The trend to eat vegan or vegetarian is very popular, which is why meat alternatives are increasing.

Particularly popular meat alternatives:

  • Tofu: Due to the neutral basic taste, this can be used in many ways. There are now different types and you can buy them smoked, with tomatoes, olives, herbs, or as a “normal” sausage shape.
  • Seitan: This is also tasteless and easy to prepare. In addition, this is also available from sausages to schnitzel.
  • Chickpeas: These are very filling as they are high in fiber. Equally, chickpeas can be used universally. Whether falafel or hummus dip, they always taste good.

Pork is therefore to be enjoyed in moderation, in moderate and conscious consumption. If pork is consumed too often, it is considered unhealthy and therefore has a bad effect on the body. In principle, however, meat can be replaced with various alternatives.

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