10 Effective Home Remedies For Heartburn

The symptoms range from acid reflux to stabbing pain – with these ten home remedies for heartburn you will quickly get rid of the annoying discomfort.

Home remedies for heartburn excel at fighting the root cause: too much stomach acid in the stomach. The increased acid production is noticeable by burning and pain behind the breastbone. If the transition between the stomach and esophagus is loosened, the stomach contents and with it the burning penetrates up into the throat. Then it is a question of reflux, in which heartburn is the main symptom.

The 10 best home remedies for heartburn

In the case of mild, non-chronic heartburn, medication does not always have to be used immediately. Whether heartburn occurs alone or as part of reflux disease – the stabbing burning sensation can be alleviated naturally: the 10 best home remedies for heartburn!

1. Whole grain products: Starch absorbs stomach acid

Bread, pasta, and rice made from whole grains are among the foods that work against heartburn – as an immediate aid and preventive measure. The starch it contains absorbs excess stomach acid. Important: The bread should not consist of sourdough, as it stimulates the production of stomach acid and can even increase heartburn.

2. Chewing gum stimulates saliva production

Chewing gum helps against heartburn. That sounds unusual at first, but there is a reason: chewing produces more saliva. Because it is slightly alkaline, saliva can neutralize small amounts of stomach acid. In addition, the more frequent swallowing when chewing gum pushes the acid back into the stomach.

3. Almonds for heartburn

Chewing almonds can also reduce heartburn. If you chew four to six almonds to a pulpy mass and then swallow them slowly, stomach acid can be bound. If you have an allergy, you can alternatively chew sunflower, pumpkin seeds, or oatmeal in your mouth to relieve heartburn.

4. Flaxseed protects the stomach wall

Those who suffer from heartburn should rely on flaxseed. The seed shells contain mucilage that swells in the intestine. This not only stimulates digestion: the mucilage settles on the stomach wall and protects it from the aggressive acid. Boil one teaspoon of flaxseed with 250 ml of water and sip the mixture. Alternatively, the muesli in the morning, salad, or other dishes can be refined with linseed. Because flaxseed binds water in the stomach, you should make sure that you always drink enough – at least 1.5 liters of water a day.

5. Tea for heartburn

If the burning sensation is not just limited to the chest and the throat and esophagus are also affected, fennel, caraway or chamomile tea can provide quick relief from the burning sensation: the herbs soothe the irritated mucous membranes – including in the stomach. It is best to use fresh, organic herbs and drink several cups throughout the day.

6. Roll cures enhance the healing effects of tea and flaxseed

It is ideal if you combine drinking tea or the flaxseed mixture with a rolling cure: drink a few sips on an empty stomach and then lie on your back. After a few minutes, drink again and then lie down on your stomach. Repeat the process for the right and left sides of the body. In this way, the entire gastric mucosa is wetted with the protective liquid.

7. Drinking helps flush gastric juices down

Whether still water or unsweetened herbal teas: If you suffer from heartburn, you should always drink a lot. It dilutes and flushes gastric juices, which reduces the burning sensation. However, you should avoid drinking carbonated water as it can increase heartburn.

8. Less heartburn with sauerkraut

It sounds paradoxical, but it is a tried and tested remedy and a quick fix for heartburn: a few forks of sauerkraut or sauerkraut juice relieve the burning sensation in the throat and chest. The reason: the herb balances the pH value in the stomach, which reduces gastric acid. However, you should not eat too much sauerkraut, as this can lead to severe flatulence.

9. Vinegar as an effective home remedy for heartburn

It’s the same as with sauerkraut: that an (extremely) acidic food should help against heartburn seems contradictory. But vinegar shows an amazing effect on heartburn, especially long-term. Because it neutralizes the pH value in the stomach and stimulates the sphincter muscle between the stomach and esophagus.

10. Buttermilk reduces stomach acid

It has an alkaline effect and helps the stomach contents get into the intestines more quickly, which means that less stomach acid is produced: buttermilk reduces heartburn quickly and effectively and should therefore always be on hand in the fridge for those affected.

But be careful with other dairy products: It is a widespread misconception that milk helps against heartburn. Heartburn can be made worse by milk, especially with high-fat products. The higher this is, the longer the digestion process takes – and that means more stomach acid is produced. Yogurt is also a bad idea for heartburn for the same reason.

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