Juicing Rhubarb – That’s How It Works

How to juice rhubarb

Basically, to juice, the rhubarb, all you need are a few simple utensils that are available in almost every household and a little time.

  • Essentially, the utensils are a large saucepan, a large cotton cloth, a colander, and a large bowl. You also need sterilized bottles.
  • After cutting off the leaves of the vegetable, rinse the rhubarb thoroughly.
  • Then chop the rhubarb stalks into very small pieces.
  • Put the rhubarb pieces in the pot and set the stovetop to a low temperature. First, let the rhubarb simmer. Don’t forget to stir occasionally.
  • If the rhubarb is already overcooked, let it boil again. Only when the vegetables have a mush-like consistency can you process them further.
  • To do this, take a large bowl and hang a sieve on it. Place a large cotton cloth in the sieve. Make sure that the cloth is large enough that it cannot slip down.
  • Finally, take the pot with the rhubarb puree and pour the vegetables into the cotton cloth.
  • Leave the mush for about 24 hours.

Finish the rhubarb juice

Before proceeding with the production of your rhubarb juice, sterilize a few bottles. The bottles should not be too big.

  • As soon as you open a bottle later, you must use up the rhubarb juice quickly, as it will not keep for long afterward.
  • After you have removed the sieve from the bowl with the cotton cloth, briefly boil the rhubarb juice again. At the same time, add sugar according to your taste. As a rule, there are about 300 grams of sugar per five kilograms of rhubarb.
  • Finally, fill the rhubarb juice into the sterilized bottles and close them tightly. Only put the bottles in the refrigerator after they have cooled down. Otherwise, your refrigerator uses too much energy.

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